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This means straight men who are not even 1% effeminate, but they are “not macho”: they are soft, soft-spoken, gentle, passive, quiet, sensitive, and often very handsome (but in a pretty way like a pretty boy) straight men.

Even non-macho straight guys are constantly being accused of being gay, and I know several who got gay-bashed, one seriously enough to be hospitalized.

This is because being attracted to men primordially means attracted to masculinity, regardless of how one behaves themselves.

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I mean hate them with a psychotic homophobic passion you ain’t never seen before.

Though your husband is probably not effeminate, would you be happy if he changed his behavior tomorrow and started acting effeminate? I would absolutely not date or marry a man I deemed stupid, nor do I like depressives. Most straight women seriously despise effeminate straight men.

But I was wondering if there were any sites that steered more towards feminine guys? I'm pretty balanced in terms of presentation, but I really really like fem guys. And the worst part is that it feels like we might as well just transition into trans because guys who are interested in fem types only want fem or hyper feminine.

I live in Southern Maine though, where common wisdom seems to say that unless you're hyper masculine, you're somehow undesirable. So when you're in the middle, it's like no one wants you unless you heavily lower your standards.

The science of homosexual men breaks down into two constants: This creates a paradox resulting in straight worship, depressed gay men and toxicity in dating apps and social media.

To make matters worse, you can throw in the usual "preferences" of being attracted solely to white, young and fit.Some of them have been notorious womanizers, why I am not sure, but they were extremely good-looking.But over and over I have noticed and they have told me about problems with women.I'm a relatively feminine gay guy who has trouble meeting guys on the normal sites/apps because I'm on the fem side.I'm not faulting/blaming men who aren't into feminine guys, we all have our preferences after all.There are many behaviors that many men and women consider “girlie” but not necessarily “gay,” so ladies, take a look at the following list of things that are perfectly okay for men to do, but that might get them the side-eye because it’s just a bit too feminine.

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