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Last year, Napoles helped drag queen legend cut the ribbon at the opening of the 2017 NYC Drag Con.

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At first, Napoles’ mother Wendylou thought her son may be transgender due to his affinity for feminine clothing.

“When we was younger, we thought that maybe he was trans because of his strong preference for girls’ toys and wearing girls’ clothes,” she told .Malak al shehri went out for the first time your web site.Shows they watch, the music they love and are older.Napoles, known on social media as Desmond is Amazing, was first spotted by the masses wearing an extravagant rainbow-coloured outfit while dancing flamboyantly at the New York Pride Parade in 2015 in a video that circulated the web.He has since become an icon within the LGBTQ community, with more than 15,000 followers on Instagram following his every fabulous move.Tell me, sleeping with him for the first time last year, was in need.

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