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This course will highlight the features and functionality of the Ovid interface.It will review the various search modes that are available on Ovid and how to work with the results from those searches (i.e. My Projects (30 min) It is recommended that you take the "Introduction to Ovid" class prior to the classes listed in this section.Help your physicians work more efficiently and uncover the latest treatment options and drug therapies with Ovid MD - the only clinically-focused tool backed by trusted, peer-reviewed content from Ovid and Up To Date®.

MEDLINE (30 min) The course will highlight the unique structure of this database (including Me SH and the Tree) and includes a detailed review of specific limits, fields and search tips for this resource.

Special techniques in MEDLINE (9 min) Learn more about searching using the NLM’s Medical Subject Headings (Me SH), floating subheadings, and implementing specific limits such as clinical queries, MEDLINE, Publication types and Limits.

Evidence Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR) (60 min) Course will review of the unique structure of this database (including the Cochrane resources) and includes an overview of the specific limits, fields and search tips.

[email protected] on Ovid (45 min) This course provides a detailed demonstration of Browsing and Searching Your Journals or All Ovid Journals, viewing HTML & PDF Full Text, working with graphics, and linking to resources.

Web Stats Introduction This session guides you through Web Stats and how to create customizable Ovid usage reports for your site on demand - both COUNTER compliant & expanded Ovid style.

We also show how to download a current report or set up a schedule to automatically send them to you monthly.

Train The Trainer on Ovid (60min) The Train the Trainer session offers direct interaction with an Ovid Trainer to help you prepare for your own internal training strategy.

Such sessions are most effective when focused on your particular users and Ovid subscriptions, and are therefore offered upon request.

Request a customized one-on-one Train-the-Trainer session. Our self-running tutorials and demos provide users with brief, step-by-step overviews of the features and functionality of the Ovid platform.

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