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I’m sorry to break it to you, and I don’t mean to be blunt but staying in a relationship where you’re constantly cheating or being cheated on isn’t a test, or being through a lot – it’s plain stupidity.When you’re married and you and your partner go through financial struggles, a severe sickness, a death of a child or miscarriage, and maybe an infidelity when you’ve got a family and much more to lose (because it does happen); then maybe we can talk about relationship tests that you stayed and fought through.Millennials: Generation coming of age around the beginning of the millennium. Taking ‘L’s’: Catching a loss in the specified situation DM: Sending a direct message Thirsty/Thirst Trap: Too eager, desperate, or craving attention from the opposite/same sex F*ck Boy: Boy pretending to be what he it means to be a man Flexing: Showing off, fronting/lying Situationship: A relationship that has no label on it – like a friendship but more than a friendship but not quite a relationship.


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Cheating and being cheated on continuously isn’t love.

Millenials all of a sudden have a notion that maybe it’s not okay, but almost as though it’s expected to cheat or be cheated on continuously and continue to stay in the relationship because “we’ve been through a lot, and have to stay and fight”, or “everyone’s relationship goes through tests” or, my personal favorite, “there has to be a reason we keep coming back to each other…we’re meant to be”.

Women have a tendency of blaming men for being and I quote, “ain’t sh*t” as well as “f**k boys”, and men have a tendency of blaming women for being hoes and not amounting to the qualities of the woman on their unattainable list.

I don’t believe there is a guideline to a perfect relationship, however, the following things have definitely deluded our idea of what a real, strong, and true relationship should be.

What I’m saying is, we all have a notion of the type of relationship we want but do the furthest things from it to achieve it.

We like asking to be shown love even though we’re not prepared to show love in the same way we’re requesting it from others.

If her thirst trap is what caught your attention, and what made you ‘slide into her DMs’ in the first place, don’t complain when she’s still posting thirst traps a few months into the relationship and still entertaining other people’s DM’s.

If nothing of substance but his popping bottles, fly car and ‘money team’ like posts are what made you respond to his DMs, there’s a chance that your time may be borrowed, possibly like everything else in those posts.

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