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They mystery to me , is in all this time no one has uncovered or confirmed a legitimate boyfriend or girlfriend. It is just telling to me , aside from all of the theatrics around his poofneas there is still not a single absolute factual account of anything to absolutely prove any sexuality . Sam has never been in a confirmed relationship with anyone.

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Fake journo claims to have hundreds of saved files, gets info dropped anonymously into her inboxes plus spends long hours writing and trolling.

No one goes to that much time and effort without financial gain or some other rewards.

What is puzzling is that this shitshow is being allowed so close to the premiere where everything should be about the show and Sam and Cait. They seem to be telling him to calm down the chemistry with Balfe which I think is real. He's always most comfortable with Balfe bc he can be himself with her and not worry. Sam did an interview sometime after the first season in which he talked about not initially realizing the amount of "acting" that would be required during promotional appearances.

More people are talking and fawning over the fake girlfriend than discussing the leads/their chemistry etc. Why don't we ever hear MM and Sam talking with one and other. But, then I look at their interviews or interactions and I see love. I think he wanted to try with Balfe but she's too smart for that and he politely accepted it. He and Balfe clearly agreed to mirror the Jamie and Claire dynamic off-screen during Outlander promotion -- probably much to his relief.

But because she lies so much, shes slipped occassionally and those that know her all realized who she was and now are figuring out what she's been "hired" to do. So looks like we got rid off of all the tumblr fraus. So, as predicted beard did her job showing up at Budapest F1, pretending to be with the guys in a helicopter, maybe got a paid trip to Lake Balaton and is probably now spending some days somewhere in Europe with whom ever.

JA needs to dump the fake shit because the players surrounding Sam in this scheme just stink. And at JA's office they are still busy taping all their bloody fingertips. May be she will post another pic from one of the in IMDB listed film locations from the Spy movie. Pass me the popcorn, I predict, we are not done with the charade JA had the beard take photos and video the few days she was made to go to Budapest. Between perks from bearding, any savings or investments and Daddys money, she really doesn't have to worry about steady employment unless she gets a decent project..

I'm sure, she left Budapest last Sunday after her weekend staying there.

Why would someone spend so many hours of their lives surveying fan blogs, arguing with fans, following Heughan's whereabouts each day, listing of all his appearances with women for the last three years, writing lengthy essays, screen capping and reporting haters, posting stalker videos, taking abuse? Who would piss away hours and hours, year after year -- hours you can never get back -- doing that? Someone with the capacity to put up with constant abuse? Seriously, who would do all that unless they were being paid? Back a few years ago, Sam did that interview while half asleep after a night shoot and mentioned he "had to get the f....k outta there", because hollywood was not his scene.

SH is for sure the owner of his IPhone and is true to himself what he is doing. We don't see IG and twitter photos from Sam Heughan's co-star Cait or her boyfriend alluding to their relationship.

But in times with high traffic, there is someone paid, who is monitoring his IG and twitter. That's because it's a real relationship that they are choosing to keep mostly private, ie, not splashed on her social media sites which are neither real nor private, but rather a marketing vehicle (for her career, shows, charities).

Contrast that with Sam's "relationship" which is all about social media and PR.

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